Welcome to... Take A Different Path

Mission Statement

In an environment built on commitment, hope, trust, and respect for all, Take A Different Path offers youth, young adults, and their families a change of pace, teaches life skills and positive decision making, and provides each individual the resources for living a better life. Our mission is rebuilding the community one person at a time.

Take A Different Path is a new organization that provides crisis response, gang intervention, and leadership to at risk youth and young adults. The organization's goal is to improve the community in the North Bay, specifically Marin. The program offers youth and young adults options and opportunities and provides a different path, leading to a better way of life – today, tomorrow, forever.

Danny Saint-Amans is Founder / Executive Director of Take A Different Path.

If you are in trouble... or if you need someone to talk to who knows what it's like to be where you are right now...

Call Danny at 415.786.8520. Anytime. No kidding.
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